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Hello everyone my name is Justin Chisholm, the founder of Chizfit, LLC, a haven where wellness is not just a destination but a beautiful journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Let me provide you with some background information about myself. I have always been a health enthusiast. I grew up in a family that treasured overall well-being. From an early age, I embraced the profound impact of nutritious meals, consistent exercise and the transformative power of positive living. 


As I moved through life, my experience focused on community health.  I hold my Masters degree in Health Administration and I have attained a wealth of experience and knowledge working as a Health and Wellness Coach. I've dedicated my life to unraveling the secrets of holistic health. Chizfit is a product of this knowledge, a testament to the belief that wellness is a harmonious blend of mind, body and spirit.


Chizfit has a commitment to crafting plant-based delights that transcend mere desserts. Each creation is symphony of flavors designed to not only tantalize your taste buds but also nourish your body.


Our wellness-inspired apparel is not just clothing; it's a celebration of the active, vibrant lifestyle. From workout sessions to everyday adventures, our designs echo the fusion of fitness and fashion. Because feeling good and looking good should go hand in hand.


Beyond our products, Chizfit is your companion in the pursuit of wellness. Whether you're savoring a guilt-free dessert, donning our inspiring apparel, or seeking guidance through personalized coaching, we're here to accompany you on your unique journey to a more vibrant, balanced, and joyful life.



February 3rd and 17th


LMT Community Center

1550 Oxford Valley Road

Yardley, PA 

lansdale farmers market2.jpeg

February 10th and 24th


400 Penn Street

Lansdale, PA


February 14th and 28th


Grace Chapel Parking Lot

1 W. Eagle Road

Havertown, PA 19083

Black Chips

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