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My Transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle...

Updated: Jul 4

Every day was the same. Get up. Go to the gym. Go to work. Sit on the Train as I commute back and forth. Come home and eat (something that is quick to make after all who has time to cook when most of your day is spent working and traveling). How do you make gains, get the body you want while maintaining a full time job? I started eating protein. Isn't that what you do? Eat protein...for me it was a pound of turkey a day. Yes you read that right, Turkey- every freaking day for lunch. Did I make gains? Yes, I sure did...who wouldn't with that kind of protein intake. Fast forward to the spring; it was time to shred and lean my body. So what did I do? Eliminate dairy. That is the one true way I found to get rid of additional fat, this is what always seemed to work for me, but let me get back to the pound of turkey. One day I looked at the turkey and thought...this isn't appetizing at all. I can't sustain this. I need to look at my lifestyle and figure out how to incorporate more plant-based proteins and foods into my diet. Yes, I still had salmon and eggs (in limited quantities) as a source of protein but I had to replace that damn turkey. Side note: buying fish is so it fresh? Farm based? Do we really know what we are buying? I digress. So I began to invest in myself and the quality of food I was consuming. Did I still indulge in some foods? Yes of course and let me add, I will never get rid of pizza that is my favorite food and I can't conceivably give that up.

Through my transition to a plant-based diet, I noticed that it was easier to lean out, manage weight gain, I had more energy, my digestion improved, my skin was clearer, and cooking became fun again. I had tons of cooking options (quick meals too!). And the best thing about this...I dropped 30 lbs of weight!!

It has been two years since I have eaten turkey or chicken and I don't miss it at all. I came to love different recipes and in particular I began to dabble in plant-based desserts. I came to find creative options and thus Chizfit originated.

Take a look at my before and after pictures...The before was on a diet of animal meat and dairy....The second picture is on a plant based diet. I will keep you posted on my journey...See ya Turkey!

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