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Chizfit Chronicles: My Journey to a Plant-Based Lifestyle...

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome to Chizfit Chronicles, where I share my transformative journey from a routine centered around animal-based proteins to embracing a vibrant, plant-based lifestyle.

The Monotony of My Previous Routine: In the midst of a daily grind that involved hitting the gym, working full-time, and commuting tirelessly, my diet was stuck in a repetitive loop. Protein was the cornerstone, and a pound of turkey per day was my go-to lunch. Yes, it yielded gains, but the monotony started taking a toll.

Shredding Season and the Elimination of Dairy: As spring approached, my focus shifted to shredding and leaning out. The solution seemed simple – eliminate dairy. However, this decision prompted a reevaluation of my entire lifestyle, leading to the realization that the pound of turkey was no longer sustainable.

The Turning Point: One day, staring at the unappetizing turkey, I knew a change was needed. It was time to explore plant-based proteins and foods as viable alternatives. While still incorporating salmon and eggs in limited quantities, the turkey had to go.

Navigating the World of Fish and the Quality of Food: The transition brought about a realization – buying fish isn't as straightforward as it seems. Questions about freshness and farming practices arose, adding another layer to my quest for a healthier, more sustainable diet.

Investing in Quality and the Journey to Chizfit: Investing in myself meant investing in the quality of the food I consumed. The transition to plant-based living unlocked benefits – easier weight management, increased energy, improved digestion, clearer skin, and a renewed joy in cooking.

The Transformation: Not only did I shed 30 pounds, but I also discovered a newfound love for diverse recipes, especially in the realm of plant-based desserts. Chizfit, my culinary exploration, was born out of this creative journey.

Embracing Plant-Based Living: Two years without turkey or chicken, and I don't miss it at all. My transition brought forth a world of cooking options, quick meals, and the joy of experimenting with plant-based ingredients. And yes, pizza is still a non-negotiable indulgence.

Join me on this ongoing journey, where I'll continue to share updates and insights. Chizfit Chronicles is more than a personal transformation; it's an invitation to explore the benefits of plant-based living and savor the joy that comes with a diverse and vibrant diet. Say goodbye to the turkey, and let the plant-based adventure unfold!


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